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Mobile 0409 456 689

Phone from outside Australia +61 7 0409 456 689

Helena Lancaster  – Abundant Healing Wisdom
PO Box 6218
Meridan Plains Qld 4551 Australia

Skype  angelwhispers555


(This is my local time, please be mindful when calling from overseas regarding the time difference). If you would like to place an order for a Remote Session please go to the Remote Healing page under Services.


The diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, and mental disorders requires trained medical professionals. The energy healing I provide with my Guides is to be used in conjunction with trained medical professionals of your own choosing. My energy healing should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical and / or psychiatric disorder. The potential risks associated with improper diagnosis or treatment can only be minimised by consultations with medical and mental health professionals. By ordering a remote healing or participating in any personal consultations or other services I provide, you hereby accept this disclaimer.