Practical ways to incorporate spiritual wisdom into your life…


The TURTLE is a symbol of peace, longevity, protection, determination, and patience; and a teacher of spiritual wisdom.
Turtle teaches us to stay grounded in times of chaos, to pace ourselves as we embark on our journey through life, assisting us on our spiritual journeys through a slow and steady pace. Turtle holds a space for us, creating balance,  gifting the ancient wisdom of the Earth. The Turtle is considered the peacemaker in Native American traditions, and is linked to the 13 moon cycles.

Being inspired by the wisdom of the turtle, you can slow down when you feel you are getting overwhelmed by a situation or emotions, and rest to gain a more grounded perspective. This spirit guide can assist you in taking time for yourself to better integrate all the aspects of a given situation or issue.

Practical Spiritual Wisdom is a women’s group starting up on the Sunshine Coast, coming  together once a month to share the wisdom of life’s experiences, and discovering the silver lining from a spiritual healing perspective. Join Helena as she shares her insight and Practical Spiritual Wisdom, assisting one another to grow and move forward. Helena believes we are all here as teachers, but also as students. If you are drawn to this information, know that it is your inner knowing, your intuition guiding you…

Each of us have had challenging experiences in our lives: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There are lessons, wisdom and growth within these experiences if we choose to see them this way. Sometimes what is needed is a fresh new perspective in order to see the silver lining, the gift in our experiences and the circumstances we find ourself in.

Join Helena, Spiritual Healer, Medical Intuitive, and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist for these once a month enlightening mornings. It is time to give yourself the gift of time and self love with the opportunity to make new friends. For more information on this event, please contact Helena by email via the contact page 


Our first and last love is self-love

Our first and last love is self-love


Sharing ~ Friendships ~ Learning ~ Workshops ~ Spiritual Growth ~ Crystal Meditations ~ Fun

Thursdays 10am ~ 11.30am

Cost $16

Kawana, Sunshine Coast


The diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, and mental disorders requires trained medical professionals. The energy healing I provide with my Guides is to be used in conjunction with trained medical professionals of your own choosing. My energy healing should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical and / or psychiatric disorder. The potential risks associated with improper diagnosis or treatment can only be minimised by consultations with medical and mental health professionals. By ordering a remote healing or participating in any personal consultations or other services I provide, you hereby accept this disclaimer.