Advanced Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Why have a Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session?

shutterstock_426114517Sometimes we experience events in our lives that we cannot explain but need answers for to help us move forward and understand; like phobias, illnesses, fears, relationship challenges, and repeated patterns of behaviour.

We have all lived many lives, experienced many circumstances, living conditions and many relationships. Each experience is there to teach us so our soul grows with the wisdom for us to evolve and to teach others in the process. Each memory from every life we have ever lived is carried within our soul and cellular memory. Once in a while we experience some form unconscious ‘deja vu’ when a little of these memories surface to help us understand. Have you ever been to a place that seemed familiar, yet you know you have not been there before? Have you met someone that was a total stranger but felt like you had known one another for ever? It is likely that you have known them before, or been there before, in a previous life. Do you have a skill you picked up so easily without any training but just ‘knew’ intuitively how to go about that skill with ease? We attract people and circumstances into our lives to grow, learn from, or even to teach, and to move forward

What’s involved in a Past Life Regression?

Prior to the appointment, usually a week in advance,your-story-past-life-page the client is asked to write a list of questions pertaining to their life. These may relate to relationships, career, illnesses, challenges, phobias, diet etc. Information is also sent out to the client at this time to help prepare for this session to ensure they are relaxed with the process and well informed.

Once arrived at the session, the client and practitioner chat to discuss the questions and to answer any questions they may have with the process. They are then asked to lie down ensuring they are in a relaxed and safe environment. The Practitioner begins speaking while the client simply goes smoothly into a restful place. They are fully aware of their surroundings and can hear the practitioner’s voice clearly. The clients unconscious mind takes them , with guidance, to a number of past lives and experiences, a valuable and imperative part of the process.

The practitioner then has the opportunity to connect with the sub-conscious mind a part of the self, known as the sub-conscious, the one that is all knowing. Each session is recorded for the client and the client is mostly aware of their surroundings and what is being said. Of course each person will have a unique experience as no two sessions are ever he same.

Each session will usually last approximately 3 hrs (including a chat beforehand to get to know you, and a debriefing session afterwards). This is often done in the comfort of the client’s home where they are most comfortable and relaxed, for this is a very important part of the process.

Clients are often ‘enlightened’ as they discover their ‘aha’ moment when things that did not make sense earlier begin to take shape and form through the knowledge that is gained from this wonderful process.

Helena is a trained Advanced Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, trained by Elizabeth Taylor, Master Advanced Past Life Hypnotherapist and approved training provider by the IICT. Helena is passionate about the work she does and how it is able to quite often reframe the way her clients look at their life and the challenges they face.

Your investment for a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session is AUD $330 payable before the day.  For more information, please contact Helena through the contact form on this site. Helena will respond within a 24 hours.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

$330 AUD

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