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Last year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. My world exploded. My brain refused to work and terror filled my heart. I couldn’t breathe. Somehow through this nightmare I stumbled my way into connecting with Helena Lancaster and I could breathe again.

I remember the first day I met Helena so vividly. I stood shaking with horror and fear outside her front door and she gently led me inside to her healing room. I was so terrified I couldn’t speak to tell her why I was there but I felt an immediate warmth and kindness flowing from her and somehow I knew she was the right person to help me. Helena knew why I was there. She said “You have cancer don’t you Liz.” And all I could do was sob.

I had no knowledge or expectations of spiritual healing prior to meeting Helena. She taught me so much about the realm of spiritual guides, Angels, healing energy and how stagnant and blocked energy can lead to disease. Helena connected me with my own loving guide who was an invaluable comfort and inspiration during my terrifying journey of chemotherapy and radiation. Throughout this ordeal Helena was a constant source of support and healing energy and at all hours of the day and night she would send me inspirational messages and images to help me hold on to my belief in life and healing.

With Helena’s help I gradually understood how cancer had been able to take hold in my body and she helped me profoundly in reconnecting with my own spirituality. Helena’s healings have connected me with the world I previously knew and went away from. I came home to myself again and my intuition has returned. I now have faith I can handle whatever comes my way and Helena has been a shining light and inspiration in my time of greatest need. It is with love and gratitude that I invite others who are in need of healing to contact Helena and experience for themselves her gentle and gifted healing abilities. And I am very pleased to shout from the rooftops that I am now cancer free!

Liz, Queensland, Australia

Please accept this testimony as a true and honest account.
Helena Lancaster of Abundant Healing Wisdom is a top shelf healer and crystal master. Her credentials are exceptional and the results of her work are something to respect and have gratitude for. I highly recommend anybody searching to receive a positive, enlightening energy flow through their whole self to contact Helena. You need not be unwell to experience her beautiful energy.
She is a gift to our planet.
This has been a pleasure to write.
Warm wishes
Elizabeth Taylor
Internationally Accredited Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist.

My ten year old son had broken the bone in his lower leg at a sports event.
Helena and her guides gave him an amazing healing which immediately showed great improvement on the fracture and his emotional well-being. He experienced the feeling of hands touching (my son is sensitive to this) and going into the fracture. He then felt a short and quick intensification of pain in the fracture which then completely subsided.

The next morning all previous pain was completely gone, and he could no longer feel where it had been broken. He felt like he was able to walk on it which we discouraged to give it more rest as Helena had strongly advised. The shock and emotional impact of the trauma shifted instantly and he accepted with ease, what has happened. We cannot wait to see what his bone looks like on the next x-ray. Thank you Helena and your guides for giving him healing of the body and soul .

Nicole, Auckland, New Zealand

I was having a particularly bad day as I had just reduced my cortisone for lupus. As usual when I do this, it plummets me through the floor so I was feeling really exhausted and depressed. Another withdrawal symptom is sciatica and on this day it was extremely bad and I was having trouble coping with the pain. As I didn’t have the energy to actually go to see someone, I called Helena and asked her to do some remote healing on me. That night when I went to bed, the back pain was really bad and I had trouble sleeping until the early hours. I was really disappointed as I was hoping to have been feeling better by then. Not long after I slipped into a really deep sleep and when I woke up, not only had all the back pain gone but I was feeling great and very energised! Thank you so much Helena! I don’t know what you did but it really worked! I have been completely off all the cortisone for 6 months now and have hardly had any sciatica since! I would highly recommend you to all my friends.

Karen, Queensland, Australia

It is my experience that the right person comes into your life just when you need them. I had been suffering menopausal symptoms for a few years and had been taking a holistic approach to my symptoms. Nevertheless, I had difficulty finding a natural remedy for my hot flushes and these were becoming more frequent. I had met Helena earlier in the year through a mutual friend and so decided to seek her help. That was several months ago and I am delighted to say I have not had any hot flushes since. Helena was able to heal me through distant healing which meant I did not have to be present, although she did email me after the healing to tell me exactly what her and her guides had done. The whole process was so simple, convenient and I think truly a miracle when I read how many other women endure these symptoms for many years. I feel blessed to have found someone with such an amazing ability and I will definitely be contacting Helena again with any other health issues.

Victoria, Queensland, Australia

I would like to thank Helena, for the number of times I have called on her amazing healing abilities to help with my medical concerns. I have utilized Helena’s healing abilities on numerous occasions for conditions such as menopause, thyroid issues and flu symptoms , all with amazing results. I have been more than happy with the improved and often total cure, and am still constantly amazed as to how much better I feel, and how this is achieved, truly remarkable. Thank you as always Helena, for your wonderful insightful healing’s, and the sharing of your abilities.

Kerri, Queensland, Australia

Dear Helena,
It has been some months now since I first requested a healing from you for my damaged foot. A legacy from playing Tennis. At first I was a bit skeptical that remote energy healing could do anything for me. However, your commitment to healing and understanding the human body as well as your ability ‘to see’ the problem from afar went beyond my expectations. After having been to see a Sports Therapist, Doctor and Chiropractor it was quite a revelation. I am now back playing Tennis on a regular basis thanks to you.
I value and respect your abilities and have no hesitation in recommending your services to fellow friends and acquaintances.

Dennis, Queensland, Australia

I would like to thank Helena for the healing she has done for my daughter and I. She helped me heal a strong pain I had in my eyes which had also been giving me severe headaches for days. She balanced my energy and also helped me with menopausal symptoms. I felt so good that I asked her to help my daughter who was suffering from emotional issues such as extreme anxiety, affecting her focus and motivation at college. After her first healing, my daughter felt energised, more confident and motivated. She had enough mental clarity to focus while studying and control her anxiety during her college tests. Her grades have improved since then.

The positive changes observed with my daughter were so dramatic that I recommended Helena to my family members. Helena and her guides provided various healings ranging from emotional to physical ailments. My niece had digestive issues as well as anxiety and stress; she is now eating well and more confident at school. One of my sisters suffered from pain on her legs and lower back and by the following day she was walking pain free doing chores again. My brother had problems breathing and walking from pain in his back, and now feels a lot of relief and motivation to continue working on the field. I can not thank Helena enough for all the blessings she has brought to my family.

Maria, California, USA

Hello lovely Helena,

I have so wanted to get in touch with you, so thank you for making contact! I am feeling so much better, thank you thank you! The weekend was such a turning point; after your healing my husband and I had a romantic dinner, walked home barefoot along the beach and then planted a tree in our garden together by the moonlight (my husband named it Jedda, not sure where that came from!).

This week I feel so much lighter and that I have moved on to an acceptance of what has happened, and hope for the future. I have never before been in a position of feeling so low, with no ability to comprehend the purpose of a life event and a complete lack of positivity or hope that things will turn around. BUT the most incredible thing to come out of this time has been the overwhelming love and support of friends and family – I literally felt as though I was lifted to my feet and supported by angels! I now feel that all the stages we went through – the despair, sadness and anger – were all necessary and a part of the healing process… and now I am free to smile again, be hopeful and remain positive about our next opportunity being just around the corner.

I am blessed to have met you and am very grateful for your thoughtfulness, generosity and gentle healing of my body and soul, particularly during this time.

I thank you…

Linda, Queensland, Australia


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