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Do you suffer from physical pain, or have a long term injury?

Are you depressed?

Do you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour?

Have you learned the lessons YOU chose for this lifetime?

What past life issues influence your health & wellbeing today?

Are you ready to look at your health through different eyes?

Distance energy healing (also known as remote or absent healing), is a form of healing which is transferred via the Universe to the client in their absence. Helena facilitates this through her healing guides, and channels the guided healing to her clients.

Helena’s work is powerful, dynamic and transformative as she tunes into your body, working as a channel with her Guides.

Helena Lancaster is a gifted Clairvoyant & Spiritual Healer,  Medical Intuitive, and Past Life Regression Practitioner (The Sacred Subconscious Technique). She performs distance energy healing for clients world wide, as well as in person, and by appointment. Helena is based in the city of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.

Along with her Medical Intuitive Insight, Helena will incorporate specific healing modalities to achieve the best healing results, working as a channel, providing accurate healing information through Spirit.

Remote Healing Sessions orders are commenced within 24 hours of being received through PayPal (AUD $107), after which you will receive an email and report regarding the details of your long distance healing session. Receive remote healing sessions in the comfort of your own home. All that is needed is an open mind and the willingness to receive healing that is right for you at this given time, and one that is for your highest of good.

A channeled Spiritual Healing session with Helena Lancaster can provide invaluable health information regarding issues of the physical body. Helena’s approach is warm and encouraging, using a intuitive holistic method for looking at your health to help identify the mental and emotional factors that may act as direct contributors to health issues. Helena’s highly developed sense of intuition, has the ability to look into the body and holistically evaluate the health of an organ, gland or tissue. Imbalances within the etheric body are often present long before they manifest as a chronic illness or disease, helping to transform energetic imbalances into patterns of health and wellness. This work can be done by Helena from a distance without any disruption to her ability to see a clear picture. Spiritual Healing sessions can be delivered either in person, via remote or through Skype. If you have any questions regarding having an energy healing session, please see the FAQ’s page and email Helena through the contact page of this website.



The diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, and mental disorders requires trained medical professionals. The energy healing I provide with my Guides is to be used in conjunction with trained medical professionals of your own choosing. My energy healing should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical and / or psychiatric disorder. The potential risks associated with improper diagnosis or treatment can only be minimised by consultations with medical and mental health professionals. By ordering a remote healing or participating in any personal consultations or other services I provide, you hereby accept this disclaimer.

A personal note from Helena…

It is my hope that something within these pages intuitively sparks something within you with the realisation that it is time for you to look at your ailments whether physical or otherwise through different eyes. Are you ready to look at the cause of your ailments, rather than to only look at the symptoms, and by doing so begin to heal yourself?

You are not here by coincidence. I have discovered over many years that my clients are intuitively led to me either by their higher self, their own Spiritual Guides, or by the Universe working its synchronicity of magic.

Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. You are either ready to take the steps necessary to begin your own healing process, or you are not. We are put on this Earth to find our gifts, and to share these with others. To learn, grow and to share the wisdom we gather through life’s experiences with others.

I invite you to look deep within and ask yourself these questions. As you may have heard, when the student is ready, the teacher will come. If you are ready, then I am here to assist. If not, then you may need to travel a little further down your own journey of life before you are ready…

I look forward to being of service to your health & wellbeing.                                    

Love & Light


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