Do YOU believe?

Is everything that happens to you a coincidence? What do you believe? What makes you believe that? Are some people ‘luckier’ than others or are certain key aspects of your life pre-determined? I am sure there are many of you who have pondered this thought…

Now to read on you must have an open mind. No judgement…just a ‘what if’ mindset. OK?

What if you chose this life you are experiencing, and the lessons that came with it? What if you chose your parents, your purpose and the personal growth that came with it? I can hear you now…WHY would I have done that?? Well, to evolve, grow, become wiser, and to share this wisdom with others. Think back to a major point in your life when something happened that really had an effect on you…positive or negative. What character traits did you acquire as a result of that experience? When we are ‘in’ the experience it is very difficult to see the bigger picture, the silver lining. It is only when we are ‘out’ of the experience, and time has passed that we can look back objectively with fresh eyes and see the positive traits we acquired from the experience, the wisdom, the silver lining. If the world was perfect and our lives too, what growth would we experience? Wisdom comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from experience and opportunities for growth in discovering where our strengths lie.

Everything happens for a reason…

We choose our parents for the gifts they pay provide in helping us to grow, and sometimes this may mean teaching us how NOT to be, or to help bring out our strengths. Sometimes we choose our parents to also teach them. Of course we are not consciously aware of this, it is pre-determined before birth. When you choose to look at your life through these eyes, your life takes on a new perspective and you can never go back. You begin to appreciate life’s experiences, of yours and others without judgement. Why? Because we are each on our own journeys and each have our own lessons to learn. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are each just on different levels of learning. No better or worse, just different. We begin to look at other’s experiences through the eyes of ‘I wonder why that person attracted that experience, and what lesson they chose for themselves…

Then there is gift we are each given as we come into this life…free will. The free will to CHOOSE what we do with the opportunities that present themselves to us, however this may look. We have a choice in how we CHOOSE to respond to what life deals out to us. Life happens not to us but for us. Think of all the inspirational speakers in the world that experienced extremely challenging hardships, and have chosen to use the wisdom from those experiences to inspire and motivate others. What better way to gain knowledge and wisdom like that, then from their very personal experiences? Their story just wouldn’t have the same impact would it?

So there you have it, something to think about. How will you choose to respond to your own life’s experiences, the plan you put down for yourself long before you were born?

Love & Light, Helena