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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK… Earth: The Toughest Bootcamp in the Universe by Elizabeth Taylor-Wey

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There have been many books published on past lives, past life regression and the sub-conscious mind. This book ‘Earth: The Toughest Bootcamp In The Universe’ is so down to Earth, easy to read and with a resonance of truth felt by the reader through the heart. It gives us a clear understanding of who we really are in that we are so much more than what we see and know to be true. It shows us that we are the sum of many lives we have lived, the total of all the wisdom and knowledge we have accumulated along the way and the challenges we have asked to face in our current life. The way in which Elizabeth has chosen to creatively unfold this information to us through real client regressing and her vast professional experiences over many years, is a credit to her work as a true master in her field. I recommend this book to anyone who is on a spiritual journey looking for simple truth, and a deeper understanding of who they are and have the potential to be.     

Elizabeth Taylor-Wey, the author of this wonderful book, is a highly respected colleague and dear friend, considered a Master in her field of Advanced Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. In this book, she shares her own personal spiritual journey, and her personal and professional experiences through the regression work she has done. There will be no doubt in your mind that you have lived many lives before this one, and that your past life experiences and memories may come forward into your current life to learn and grow from.  I highly recommend this book to all who seek truth and enlightenment.

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Love & Light, Helena                                                                                              

Elizabeth Taylor-Wey

Elizabeth Taylor-Wey