Drink your Crystal's Energy!

Infuse the energy of crystals into your drinking water. Here’s a recipe I have just created. It is SO delicious and good for you, filled with the energy of unconditional love using Rose Quartz and a few items from your kitchen or herb garden…


Infuse yourself with unconditional love x


A Pitcher or glass jug  (I have one which has a funnel in which to place my ingredients into within the jug) 3 Rose Quartz crystals (A soft pink crystal which has the energy of unconditional love) Some mint leaves A few slices of lime Watermelon and Strawberry tea leaves Ice cubes & clean filtered water

Fill the funnel with the above ingredients and place them inside the jug, and then fill the jug with water and add the ice cubes.

PS I used Rose Quartz Platonic Solids in my recipe but this may be little strong for some

NB: NOT ALL CRYSTALS ARE SAFE TO DRINK THE ENERGY OF DIRECTLY. Some contain metals which are toxic. So stay with the Quartz variety if you are unsure. Rose Quartz is very safe. Please wash your crystal in water beforehand with the intention of removing all energies that are not for your highest of good. Also remember that crystals are spiritual support tools, not a replacement for medical advice or treatment.