Did You Attract Your Bunions?

Firstly, what exactly are bunions? It is when the bone just in the back of the big toe slowly begins to dislocate towards the inner side of the foot. Causes? High heels, narrow shoes, tight muscles and tendons, uneven weight bearing and foot injuries. BUT there is another possibility from a more spiritual perspective! There are a few ways to soothe your aching feet, so read on and discover what can be done…

Your body is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. All physical ailments stem from a thought or belief. It is these suppressed thoughts and beliefs, the energy of these, that become trapped in the body, in physical form. Each body part has a corresponding thought/belief. Have you heard of the expression ‘better out than in?’ When we suppress out thoughts and beliefs through fear, eventually the body will try and release these trapped emotions in a physical form. Make sense?

So the question is, what emotion/s do your bunions represent and what to do about your bunions? Spiritually speaking (and this is not a new concept when you reflect back to Louise Hay’s work), bunions originate from suppressed anger and anxiety, particularly relating to love or the loss of, and of doing too much for others at your own expense. This results in a lack of joy in meeting the experiences in life. Because of their location on the foot, bunions are a way of dealing with love (the loss of). Bunions are a sign that you are holding a lot of unexpressed anger and frustration from being “dumped on” by family and friends. The big toe is also linked to the throat chakra, so if you get a lump in your throat from swallowing your truth, your big toe is going to reflect this. Your right foot is linked to how you present yourself to the world, where as your left foot is connected to the relationship you have with yourself.

Each of these emotional links need to be addressed for long term healing. Of course you should always seek medical advice from a foot doctor, and there are many holistic alternatives with foot splints, but it is important to address your bunions from a holistic approach, look at the emotional link. Address the anger, anxiety and the lack of joy. Look for the things in your life you CAN be grateful for. Once your list of things to be grateful for, and the things that bring you joy is greater than your list of sorrow and anger, the balance will become in favour of the joy. Feet are all about moving forward, not holding onto the past, but releasing the anger, resentment, regrets and guilt. Take care of yourself because you cannot care for others if your cup is not full. Each person deserves to be happy and it all begins with you. Lead by example, especially if you are a mother. We are so used to giving that we forget to give to ourselves, and when we do, we feel guilty for doing so! You wouldn’t want your children to repeat your patterns of behaviour unless they were positive would you? St aside some time each day for YOU. Even if it is sitting down and having a cup of tea or meditating, listening to music. We are all busy but you have to MAKE the time. It is only a decision. We all make time for things we have to do. It is about time we make time for ourselves, and make it a priority. What a beautiful gift to your children, to see their mother honouring her self by giving herself the gift of self love, self care. Now THAT would be the gift, seeing your children with a healthy self love, and growing up to be confident adults who take the time to care for themselves, and in turn model this to their children as well.

Makes you look at bunions from a whole new perspective doesn’t it? Once you have addressed your bunions from an emotional perspective, some remote energy healing relief may be just what you need to assist you on you healing journey. Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

Bunions are a sign of inflammation, and this can be soothed by a relaxing foot bath filled with a cup of milk (full cream), a few drops of essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint (for inflammation and balance), and a tablespoon of bicarb soda. PS: Remember to address the emotional cause for long term, deep healing.

Love & Light, Helena




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