3 Things You Agreed to before you were born...

Of course you don’t remember, but you agreed to at least three things before YOU decided it was YOUR time to be born (yes you chose your birth date based on the astrological influencers with your innate gifts you will need to bring with you to fulfil your life’s purpose). Kind of like a pre-birth contract.

So what did you agree to?

  1. You agreed to forget why you came into this world. You did this so you can find your way back to a spiritual awakening and remember who you are - a spiritual being having a physical experience. You will do this through life lessons that you put down for yourself so that you may experience spiritual growth and use the wisdom from these experiences to hopefully help others. Earth is a tough bootcamp!

  2. You agreed to choose your parents. (As well as this you chose your birth name because like your birth date, it carries a certain vibration with gifts and challenges…Numerology). Your parents were chosen by you for the lessons they would teach you. Sometimes, parents can be chosen by us to teach us how NOT to be. It is a selfless gift by them in spirit. If this pushes a few buttons for some of you reading this, then ask why? Have you been triggered because it may hold some truth?

  3. You agreed to forget the understanding of the truth about the meaning of life so that you can rediscover this during your life time by the experiences you attract and the lessons you put down for yourself. All experiences are lessons. There is ALWAYS a silver lining. Sometimes we don’t see it until we are much further down the track and we look back. Whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you through your reality. You have the free will to choose how you respond. There in lies the true gift.

When we take a step back and view our experiences and relationships through these eyes, we can perhaps begin to look at our experiences through different eyes. We can choose to learn from our experiences and move forward, to look at the gifts they have brought us. We can choose to learn the lessons and move forward onto the next lesson. If we don’t, the universe has a way of repeating the lesson for us until we ‘get it’ because we asked for the lesson. All adversities have a hidden gift. When you look at your life and the challenges you have faced, ask yourself this…what positive character traits did I gain from those challenging times? (If you chose to take on the positive - free will remember?)

Through Past Life Regression, it is possible to connect to the sub-conscious mind to discover these lessons, your life’s purpose and to gain clarity around the challenges you may be facing in your life right now. For some it can be an extremely enlightening experience, giving clarity and insight.

Helena Lancaster is a highly trained Past Life Regression Practitioner operating in Hamilton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If you would like to discuss the possibility of having a Past Life Regression with Helena, please contact her through the connect page of her website Abundant Healing Wisdom.


Do you remember?

(What you agreed to)