What kind of physical or emotional problems do you help with energy healing?

My distance energy healing can be beneficial for all kinds of physical and emotional challenges. Your acceptance and faith in my service is important, as is your permission to send healing energy to you. Healing Energy will go to where it is needed the most within you, whether that’s on a physical or emotional level.

How does an energy healing session work?

When you apply online for an energy healing session you will need to include details about the help that you require. This helps my guides and I to focus on your specific needs. By requesting an energy healing session, you are giving me permission to work with you. Within 24 hours my guides will commence directing and guiding me through the healing process to your particular health needs. After your energy healing session I will contact you by email regarding your the work that was done with you. This will be done through email.

Is Long Distance Healing immediate?

Everyone is different and so is each energy healing session, it depends on the health problem that’s being addressed. Some energy healing sessions are immediate and the receiver experiences relief very quickly, others take a while longer for the healing energy to manifest fully, and others may need more than one session. I will be able to communicate this to you afterwards by email. Your willingness to be open is very important here.

What can I expect to feel during and after an energy healing session?

Again, everyone is different. Many clients have said they feel a sense of relief, followed by a feeling of relaxation and then the pain diminishes. Some people feel warmth throughout their body and energy moving, and yet others feel nothing. Much goes on within the body we often do not feel. After a session, often this triggers an emotional release of relief from worry and anxiety. Each person will have a unique experience.

What should I do during an energy healing session?

The best way to gain the most benefit from your distance energy healing session is to be open and accepting of the healing energy being sent to you. Relaxing your mind and body will assist. It is not necessary to lie down, but if this is what you intuitively feel you must do for YOUR session, follow that inner guidance. These sessions can be done while you are at work or at home.

Do I need to believe in God, or spirit or any kind of faith for this to work for me?

No. Healing energy is universal, we are all connected. No particular faith or belief will have any influence over the outcomes or strength of the energy healing session. You just need to know you can receive this energy healing, be open to it and trust that the mending will take place as it is meant to. All is in divine timing for each of us as it should be. There are no coincidences. You were led to this sight for a reason. Trust.

How do I know if you’re the right person for me?

Trust that you’ve been guided here for a reason. Listen to your heart and if you instinctively feel that I can help you, I will. If you feel that I’m not the right person for you, then that’s perfect too. Trust in your inner guidance and synchronicity.

Why do you always balance one’s Yin and Yang, and help remove Fears & Phobias during an energy healing session?

When a person is unwell, be it physically, emotionally or spiritually, we find that this is always due to a lack of balance within the energy fields of our body. In order to bring these energy fields back into balance, and to help you to accept the energy healing, we need to balance your Yin Yang. All physical ailments begin on the emotional/ mental plane. It stems to reason then that the emotional and mental planes need to be addressed as well in order to accomplish a complete holistic energy healing. Sometimes however, these issues in our current life can stem from a past life soul memory, in which case they are addressed at the time of the energy healing session. However, sometimes these issues need to be addressed within a Past Life Regression Therapy session. These can only be done personally for obvious reasons and if this is the case, I will let you know.

How many emotional or physical issues can I request for one energy healing session?

We would appreciate it if you can limit your energy healing order to three related items, as this is the number that takes the time I allow myself in meditation with my guides for each session for my wellbeing.