“Are you ready to discover the possible causes of your ailments, rather than just the symptoms and, by doing so, begin your true healing journey?”


Having the ‘gift’ of energy healing was not something that Helena was aware of early in her life. In fact, it was not until the unexpected passing of her sister in 2008, that Helena began to ‘see’ and feel Spirit.

“Immediately after my sister passed, I had experienced Pranic Healing to help me deal with my grief”, Helena said. “At the time, I could not really explain why I felt the need to seek out those treatments. But with hind site I now know that I was intuitively drawn to those modalities to fulfil my own life’s purpose. Prior to my treatment, I had an aura photo taken, and then another after. The difference was almost unbelievable.

Early on in my career, I found a remote healer who guided me to develop my skills to enrgy heal remotely. And over the past ten years, I have been drawn to many other modalities and have taken from them the ‘bits’ I need to build my own ‘spiritual toolkit’, for want of a better description.

I should not have been surprised that I wound up on this path. Many years earlier, I had extreme pain in my gall bladder. After treating me with painkillers, my Doctor told me my only option was to have my gall bladder surgically removed. I wanted to explore other options before I took this more drastic step. After consulting a Kinesiologist, I learned that the emotion resentment is stored in the gall bladder. He cleared this for me, and I have never experienced another gall attack. The connection between our thoughts and our body is far more important than many people understand. But I always ask people what thoughts are creating their symptoms. I assist you to reframe how you ‘see’ your life’s circumstances, ailments and ultimately your health journey.

With your permission and the help my my Spiritual Guides, I tune in to your body to discover how energy healing would be beneficial to you. I work with your energy, so each and every session is specific and unique to you.

Healing energy is then directed to you within a meditation (whether it is a distance healing or a personal one), with direction from my Guides.  I work as a channel, and you receive the energy you need the most, regardless of where you are in the world.

During a personal energy healing session, the energy is transferred to you through my hands, by intent. Clients often comment on how warm my hands become!

Each session may incorporate a variety of modalities as well as the channeled energy healing, and in my experience, a remote session is just as effective as a personal one. Every session begins with grounding and protection, and chakra balancing to prepare the body to receive what it needs at this time.

I have learned and am a qualified practitioner in the following modalities:

  • Certified Clairvoyant Energy Healing

  • Medical Intuition

  • Advanced Past Life Regression

  • Extensive Crystal Healing Work

  • Pranic Healing (Basic & Advanced)

  • Pranic Psychotherapy

  • Crystal Pranic Healing

  • Pranic Psychic Self Defence

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2

  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

  • Feng Shui Consultancy

  • Numerology

  • Colour Therapy

  • Essential Oils (Young Living)

It is my hope that something within these pages intuitively sparks something within you, with the realisation that it is time for you to look at your ailments (physical or otherwise), through different eyes. Are you ready to look at the cause of your ailments, rather than only the symptoms, and by doing so begin to heal yourself?

You are not here by coincidence. I have discovered over many years that my clients are intuitively led to me either by their higher self, their own Spiritual Guides, or by the Universe working its magic of synchronicity. Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences.

You are either ready to take the steps necessary to begin your own energy healing process, or you are not. We are put on this earth to find our gifts, and to share these with others. To learn, grow and to share the wisdom we gather through life’s experiences. I am very fortunate that through my experience of learning my own gifts, I can help you to discover yours, and live your best life.

I invite you to look deep within and ask yourself these questions. As you may have heard, when the student is ready, the teacher will come. If you are ready, then I am here to assist. If not, then you may need to travel a little further down your own journey of life before you are ready.                                   

Love & Light

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Helena is a gifted Spiritual Healer, who uses her energy healing gifts of ‘seeing’, ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’ as a channel to assist her clients to begin their own healing process on a physical, emotional, mental and sometimes on a spiritual level.


Top Shelf Healer & Crystal Master

“Helena is a top shelf energy healer and crystal master. Her credentials are exceptional and the results of her work are something to respect and have gratitude for. I highly recommend anybody searching to receive a positive, enlightening energy flow through their whole self to contact Helena. You need not be unwell to experience her beautiful energy. She is a gift to our planet. This has been a pleasure to write.”
ELIZABETH WEY, Internationally Accredited Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Teacher

Constantly amazed as to how much better I feel…

“I would like to thank Helena, for the number of times I have called on her amazing energy healing abilities to help with my medical concerns. I have utilised Helena’s abilities on numerous occasions for conditions such as menopause, thyroid issues and flu symptoms, all with amazing results. I have been more than happy with the improved & often total cure, and am still constantly amazed as to how much better I feel, and how this is achieved, truly remarkable. Thank you as always Helena, for your wonderful insightful healing’s, and the sharing of your abilities.”
— KERRI, Queensland, Australia

Helena was able to help my body heal through Distant Healing…

“It is my experience that the right person comes into your life just when you need them. I had been suffering menopausal symptoms for a few years and had been taking a holistic approach to my symptoms. Nevertheless, I had difficulty finding a natural remedy for my hot flushes and these were becoming more frequent. I had met Helena earlier in the year through a mutual friend and so decided to seek her help. That was several months ago and I am delighted to say I have not had any hot flushes since. Helena was able to energy heal me through distant healing which meant I did not have to be present, although she did email me after the healing to tell me exactly what her and her guides had done. The whole process was so simple, convenient and I think truly a miracle when I read how many other women endure these symptoms for many years. I feel blessed to have found someone with such an amazing ability and I will definitely be contacting Helena again with any other health issues.” — VICTORIA, Queensland, Australia

Not long after I slipped into a really deep sleep. I woke up, not only had all the back pain gone, but I was feeling great and very energised!

“I was having a particularly bad day as I had just reduced my cortisone for lupus. As usual when I do this, it plummets me through the floor so I was feeling really exhausted and depressed. Another withdrawal symptom is sciatica and on this day it was extremely bad and I was having trouble coping with the pain. As I didn’t have the energy to actually go to see someone, I called Helena and asked her to do some remote healing on me. That night when I went to bed, the back pain was really bad and I had trouble sleeping until the early hours. I was really disappointed as I was hoping to have been feeling better by then. Not long after I slipped into a really deep sleep and when I woke up not only had all the back pain gone, but I was feeling great and very energised! Thank you so much Helena! I don’t know what you did but it really worked! I have been completely off all the cortisone for 6 months now and have hardly had any sciatica since! I would highly recommend you to all my friends.” — KAREN, Queensland, Australia