Do you have a physical pain but know there is more to it than you can understand? Are you in grief and pain?

Are you feeling ‘stuck’ or blocked emotionally? Do you feel like you are being intuitively called with a knowing that there is more to you then you realise? Are you ready to look at Spiritual Healing as a vehicle to healing yourself?

There are no coincidences. All things have a purpose for being, and in divine timing. There is always a lesson in the experience and the learning. From this comes knowledge and from knowledge comes wisdom. With wisdom we are able to see the gift in all life’s experiences, the silver lining. When we are too busy ‘in it’ we fail to see the gift in the opportunities provided to us.

It is time to look deeper at your ailments. It is time to focus on the cause rather than the symptoms alone. This is what Spiritual Healing and Medical Intuition is about. Helping the body and mind to begin to mend itself on a holistic level.

Personal Consultation Payment Please ...

PLEASE NOTE: For Personal Consultations you can pay by clicking the button below. I will endeavour to begin the process within 24 hrs of receiving your request & payment via Paypal. I cannot call everyone by telephone, especially if you are overseas. So we can always get in touch vi Skype (address: angelwhispers555) or even email.

$169 AUD

I use the ultra-secure PayPal system. You can pay with a credit card or use your PayPal account. It’s fast, free and secure. You do not need to be a PayPal member. Paypal is the system used worldwide by Ebay for it’s secure payments. Once logged in to PayPal, you are able to type in the nature of the energy healing you require under the address confirmation section.

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