Remote Spiritual Healing

Do you suffer from physical pain, or have a long term injury?

Are you feeling depressed and lost?

Do you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour?

Have you learned the lessons YOU chose for this lifetime?

What past life issues influence your health & wellbeing?

Are you ready to look at your health through different eyes?

You have the choice and ability to change your thoughts and begin to truely heal…

You have the choice and ability to change your thoughts and begin to truely heal…

Distance energy healing (also known as remote or absent healing), is a form of healing which is transferred via Universal energy (which we are all connected to) to the client in their absence. Helena facilitates this through her healing guides, and channels the guided healing to her clients.

Helena’s work is powerful, dynamic and transformative as she tunes into your body, working as a channel…

Helena Lancaster is a gifted Spiritual Healer,  Medical Intuitive, and Past Life Regression Practitioner (The Sacred Subconscious Technique). She performs distance energy healing for clients world wide, as well as in person, and by appointment. Helena is based in Hamilton, within the city of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.

Along with her Medical Intuitive Insight, Helena will incorporate specific healing modalities via long distance to achieve the best healing results, working as a channel, providing accurate healing information through Spirit.

Remote Healing Sessions orders are endeavoured to be commenced within 24 hours of being received through PayPal (AUD $107), after which you will receive an email and report regarding the details of your long distance healing session. Receive remote healing sessions in the comfort of your own home. All that is needed is an open mind and the willingness to receive this energy healing that is right for you at this given time, for your highest of good.

A channeled Spiritual Healing session with Helena can provide invaluable health information regarding issues of the physical body. Helena’s approach is warm and encouraging, using a intuitive holistic method for looking at your health to help identify the mental and emotional factors on an energetic level that may act as direct contributors to health issues. Helena’s highly developed sense of intuition, has the ability to look into the body and holistically tune into the health of an organ, gland or tissue. Imbalances within the etheric body are often present long before they manifest as a chronic illness or disease, helping to transform energetic imbalances into patterns of health and wellness. This work can be done by Helena from a distance without any disruption to her ability to see a clear picture. Spiritual Healing sessions can be delivered either in person, via remote or through Skype. If you have any questions regarding having an energy healing session, please email Helena through the connect page of this website.

There are many physical, emotional and spiritual conditions that may benefit from Remote Spiritual Healing Sessions. These are just a few…nothing is impossible, there is always hope…

  • Relief from physical pain

  • Assistance with injury recovery

  • Balancing chakras and mind which directly effect the healing process of the physical body

  • Help with body systems and their balance/function

  • Relief from illnesses

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Bone Fractures

  • Low energy levels

  • Menopausal symptoms

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Joint pain

  • Fears & phobias

  • Depression/ Stress Relief/ Anxiety

  • Chakra Balancing

FAQs Remote Energy Healing

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Your consent prior to your session is all that is needed, and this is given by default when you order a remote healing session with me. A long distance energy healing can be received whether you are at work, at home or asleep. Each is as effective as the other.

Can I order a session for family?

You can order a remote healing session for immediate family members without their consent if it is considered for their highest of good. However it is considered respectful to ask first. Outside of this you will need to seek their permission.

Will I feel anything during my session?

Everybody’s response is varied. I have some clients who have seen white light around them and felt the energy moving through their body, and yet others who have felt nothing. Feeling or not feeling does not have a direct effect on the outcome. One people may feel energy afterwards as well. Your body is constantly healing itself but you don’t necessary feel all of this all of the time, mostly not at all.

How do I know if you are the right Spiritual Healer for me?

I have found over the years that people are intuitively lead to me either in person, or via my website, facebook or word of mouth, and in so many interesting ways I cannot begin. What I DO know is that we are all divinely guided at the right time if we only just paid attention. You will know from your heart. Trust your intuition and gut feelings, they are always right.

Will I need more than one session?

This is a personal experience for each person and will vary. I will always be honest and guide you where I feel is beneficial, but again you will intuitively know. Some people find one session is enough and others need a little more assistance. It also will depend on the reason for the remote energy healing and its complexity.

What external and internal circumstances can influence your session?

Your thoughts and beliefs (internal dialogue)

Past Life influences (I will let you know if these are present)

Your choice as to whether you fully accept and believe in this energy healing…this is called free will. We can work on you but you can equally block it if you choose to…

If there is a lesson attached to the illness/ailment (one that you have put down for yourself) in your blueprint. Again I will let you know if there is.

Your free will to help yourself heal…eg: there is no point is having a healing session for a behavioural pattern if you are not willing to be open to guidance and make some changes in your life. This healing work is not magic. You need to work with me, for you. We work as a team. The biology of belief is so very strong.

If you have any further questions, please email Helena through her connect page.

Remote Healing Request ...

PLEASE NOTE: For Remote Spiritual Healing Sessions you may request and pay for a session by clicking the button below. I will endeavour to begin the process within 24 hrs of receiving your request & payment via Paypal. If you prefer, we can connect beforehand via email through my contact page, or Skype (address: abundanthealingwisdom_1) Once we have completed your remote energy healing session, I will send you an email report outlining what your session consisted of.

$107 AUD

We use the ultra-secure PayPal system. You can pay with a credit card or use your PayPal account. It’s fast, free and secure. You do not need to be a PayPal member. Paypal is the system used worldwide by Ebay for it’s secure payments. Once logged in to PayPal, you are able to type in the nature of the energy healing you require under the address confirmation section.


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You cannot heal in the same environment and circumstances that created your illness...


Helena, is a genuine, kind and compassionate spiritual healer. I recently had a remote healing from her and it has been life changing! The best decision of my life to get this healing/reading. After the healing I received a detail report identifying the underlying cause of my physical problems. What I didn't realise what I had unresolved emotions involving my family members. I talked to my family about these emotions and we have all healed from this communication :)Before this I always felt a bit distant from them even though I would see them often, but now I have the love from them that I never felt as a child.

Derek, New Zealand

Dearest Helena,

I would love to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all my distant energy healings I received over the years from you. All your healings have been very gentle and an beautiful.
I love your chakra balancing, adrenal gland and hormone balancing and energy healings to help me to relax and sleep better too. I adore your crystal essence and your crystals and essential oils you use in your energy healings. I always love your gentle guidance and advice which is always helpful to me. I love that you are non judgemental and unobtrusive as this is important to me as I am a private person. I am deeply grateful to have received healings from you as this has helped me greatly.

I am a feminine soul and I am sensitive.Your healings have really helped me on so many levels. I am a healthy lady in my 30's and am have always looked after myself. Your healings have helped me understand my sensitive nature more, how to protect my energy. Interestingly for me is that I have always done a lot of things naturally to care for myself and also to protect my energy as I am a spiritual person naturally.

Your healings have helped me to have a deeper understanding of myself and my spirituality, and life too and also a deeper faith in myself and my own wisdom and inner knowing.
Thanks so much Helena.

Much Love, Caitríona.
Northern Territory, Australia

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Abundant Healing Wisdom

Abundant Healing Wisdom

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